Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bye Bye Burgundy...Hello Beautiful Bathroom Countertops!

Another item on our to-do list was replacing the bathroom countertops. The upstairs bathroom had a burgundy color laminate countertop and I knew that would have to be changed. Check out the before shot of the outdated culprit. Phew...that thing was screaming for some help.

We went with cultured marble for our new countertops. This may be the most drastic before and after of the whole renovation process. We still have a few small things left with this bathroom but it's basically done!

Oh, and by the way, this bathroom is also known as Riley's bathroom.We have his litter box hidden in here and his food stays here too. He decided to crash my little photo session and be the model. This is his first appearance on the blog so now you all know that we have an adorable kitty living in our nest. So, guests beware, if you stay with us you will have to share this bathroom (and I may ask you to clean the litter box, hehe).

The master bathroom countertops weren't bad but since we wanted to change one bathroom we decided to change all of the bathrooms. We chose the same color cultured marble as the upstairs (Riley's) bathroom.

This isn't as drastic of a change as the burgundy but it looks much nicer with the recessed sinks and rounded edges. Not to mention, those recessed sinks are sooo much easier to keep clean. 

Here is the before and after shot of the half bathroom. Again, there wasn't anything terrible about these old countertops but we decided to change them out for something nicer. We went with a cultured granite instead of the marble. 

This is my favorite. I love that color granite and the oil rubbed bronze water pump faucet. This picture really doesn't do it justice. I try to find excuses to go in this bathroom just to look at this cute little faucet. Here, let me give you a close up picture so you can see for yourself.

See what I mean? It's adorable and fun to use. I also picked out a cool light fixture to fit in with the farmhouse feel. Once we get a new mirror up and find the right decorations, this little bathroom may be the cutest spot in the house! :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Get Ready to be "Floor"ed.

A last minute addition to our to-do list was refinishing the hardwoods in the kitchen. We originally thought they looked fine but after seeing the beadboard and new paint we decided they may need some TLC. So, even though it pushed our move in date back we decided it should be added to the list.

The hardwoods used to be almost the same color as the kitchen cabinets so we wanted to choose a stain to differentiate the two. Please disregard how rough the kitchen looks in the after and just focus on the floors. :)

After the hardwoods were refinished we were able to have the carpets installed! Woohoo! The house had been carpet-less for over a month. Now we have beautiful, clean, and extremely soft new carpet. We can also walk around barefoot without fear of dying from the exposed tack strip.

This is one good before and after picture of the master bedroom to show the difference. You can tell the carpet was worn out before and needed to be replaced. I've spent the past couple nights relaxing on the new carpet while Colin ripped out the old countertops and it's very comfy!

Next up in the before and after shots we have the master bathroom floors. We didn't want carpet in the sink area and wanted the same flooring to go all the way to the shower. We thought carpet in that area might get too wet and linoleum would be easier to clean.

The before picture was taken the day we closed so it had the old paint color. Oh, and the after gives a little sneak peek of the new countertops that I promised to share. I'm waiting on the plumber to install the new faucets so you can get your moneys worth with the before and after pictures. :)

The guest bathroom has the same flooring as the master bathroom so I'll skip that and go straight to something new and exciting. The half bath got a major update from the original early 90's flooring. The original was yellowing and tearing away from the wall. 

We decided to help ease this little bathroom into the 21st century with some pretty hardwoods. Not real hardwoods but maybe I fooled you for a second there? Honestly, I think it looks just as good as the real thing. This linoleum was a relatively inexpensive update and completely changed the feel of this bathroom (and the laundry room attached to it). 

So, what do you think? Some pretty major changes, right? Well, just wait because the new bathroom countertops and faucets are coming soon. Followed closely by the new kitchen countertops and backsplash. Oh, and did I mention we have already started moving stuff in? We are hoping to be mostly moved in this weekend! :)