Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Paint: Transforming Crazy Color to Cottage Chic

The second thing on our to-do list was to have everything inside repainted. I mean everything, the walls, trim, closets, it was all begging for a facelift. 

The previous owners had several bold color choices (blue in the master bedroom, yellow in the half bath, and two different greens in the kitchen/hallway). They had it decorated really cute with fun patterns and colors. We really didn't notice the paint colors the first time we walked through. I actually didn't mind the blue in the bedroom and the yellow in the bathroom but since all the rooms connected it was kind of a color explosion. Needless to say, we were wanting to tone everything down with nice welcoming neutrals and maybe in the future add more colors. Also, check out how the kitchen and hallway used to look with the chair rail and two different green colors. See why I'm in love with the beadboard?!?

The kitchen is painted Sprout and it ended up being a lighter green than we expected. It looks even lighter in this picture than it does in person. We realized that the little paint sample seems to change once it's put over a large area. But, it's starting to grow on me and I'm glad we decided to paint it a different color from the rest of the house.

Everything else is painted Barcelona Beige and I'm really happy with how it looks. Again, the picture doesn't really show how it looks in person. It's a very good neutral and it gives all the rooms a clean and cohesive look. All the trim and beadboard are painted Greek Villa and it looks great. The trim looked pretty yellow before so just picking a whiter color made it look brand new.

Oh, and here's a before and after picture like I promised. The before picture makes me like our paint choice even more. It was a little old fashioned and too minty before. What do you think? I know I'm a little biased but I think the new paint has transformed the crazy color to cottage chic. :)


  1. I love the colours Hilary, it's amazing how just a few coats of paint can make somewhere feel like home. It looks like such a cozy little home from all the pictures. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Katie! It really was amazing how it instantly felt like home once we got our color choices up! :)