Tuesday, April 23, 2013

To-Do List Progress: What's Done and Still to Come

It's been almost two weeks since I've posted anything and I didn't want y'all to think I was holding out on you or had decided not to share anymore. So, here's a quick look at my updated list:

  1. Beadboard in the kitchen and living room (see it here)
  2. New paint everywhere: walls, trim, closets (see it here)
  3. Install a security system
  4. New bathroom countertops (this reveal is coming soon)
  5. Kitchen hardwood floors refinished (starts tomorrow and should be finished Friday)
  6. New carpet and bathroom floors (should all be done this Saturday)
  7. New kitchen countertops installed the end of next week
  8. New backsplash installed soon after the kitchen countertops

There you have it, four of the eight major projects are done! Six of the eight should be done by the end of this week! Oh, how I love marking things off my list. 

Everyone keeps asking when we will be moving in and I hadn't been able to give a good answer. Now I can finally say in about one week! It's been over a month since we closed so I'm very excited about seeing everything come together! I wish y'all could have seen the house before we started making changes. It's going to be like a new house and I can't wait to get settled in! :)

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  1. Looks like you are making major headway! So impressed by the big projects you've been able to cross off your list. Blessings on your upcoming move. I bet you're so excited!