Wednesday, October 2, 2013

2 years together!

Since I haven't posted in over a month (wow...sorry about that), I thought I'd share some pictures from our 2nd anniversary. We've been very busy the past couple of months and were so excited to get a vacation. We went to the beach for a long weekend and had an awesome time.

We made it just in time before my favorite donut place closed for winter. I think my total for the three days they were open was five donuts but I could have eaten more. Trust me. Here's a no makeup picture of me during a late night donut run after checking in for the weekend. That's pure happiness right there. :)

We spent almost every day enjoying perfect beach weather. This is our favorite time of the year to go to the beach because the crowds are gone and the room rates have dropped. At night, we went off in search of things to do. Warning, this time of year is perfect for uncrowded beaches and low room rates, however, most of the shops have closed. We were able to find some yummy food though. That's a very important part to any vacation of course. 

We did spend one afternoon at the aquarium and pretty much had the place to ourselves! And I finally broke out the "nice" camera instead of my iPhone. Please enjoy a quick internet trip to the aquarium via my pictures. 

The aquarium trip ended up being on our actual anniversary so I wanted to have a picture of us taken. I've decided to try to have a picture of us on each anniversary (maybe for a picture collage or just to say we did it). We will see how long that lasts. Well, this year I asked a sweet lady take one after we got to the aquarium but it's pretty blurry. So, we had a little photo-shoot where we attempted to get a decent picture of ourselves. 

This extremely close picture with our heads chopped off was the only one that turned out okay. Oh well, at least we can say it was taken on our 2nd anniversary. Then we thought we'd take one of each other and photoshop them together. Hmm..maybe have me flipped and casually floating in the water facing Colin. I'm sure it will look very natural. :)

After our visit at the aquarium, we made a quick stop at a Civil War memorial. It was right by the ocean and had a gorgeous view. We always like to add little historic stops to our trips whenever we can and it was a bonus that it was right by the ocean. 

Well, I'd say that's a pretty good summary of our beach trip! Hope you've enjoyed the pictures and my rambling. I'll be back soon with some updated pictures of the inside of the house. Oh, and we're getting some updates done to the exterior of the house this week so those pictures will be coming also. :)

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